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New World Dream #01-NewWorldDream

New World Dream

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"The Dream"

I dream a New World,
the birthing of a Golden Age,
Where Mother Earth will be returned
to her beautiful splendor,
where the birds can't wait
to call in the dawn,
where the butterflies in grass
mirror the butterflies in our stomach,
where the awesome children that have arrived
can play with their parents to heal all,
where people can sit in the park
and enjoy fresh produce and blue skies,
where warm ponds reflect starlit skies
and warm hearts are realized,
where all those lightworkers
who have struggled and prayed to the heavens
can sit and enjoy all they have created,
where all can see their perfect match
and hold each other in their arms
for the rest of their long magical lives.


"Image Found in a field of Crops"

New World Dream Page

[aprox 1-1/16" wide ]

* Each piece comes ready to wear
   strung on an adjustable BLACK COTTON CORD.
   A DESCRIPTION CARD is included
   with the above write up.



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