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Well Grounded Path #01-WellGroundedPath
Raventree Pewter

Well Grounded Path

Item #: 01-WellGroundedPath


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Well Grounded Path - Walk Barefoot
There is nothing like being barefoot in the grass, soft earth, or a sandy beach. The energy flows through our soles in a harmonizing touch. It connects us with Mother Earth and grounds our bodies, hearts, and minds to our natural state. We find inner balance as we honor our feet and all they do for us in a day. To some this is a precious meditative moment to be savored. To others it is a way of life to never wear shoes. May you always find time to walk barefoot with the earth, to stay grounded in your Joy.


Comes strong on adjustable Black Cotton Cord

[Size is 1-3/8" high]


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