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Sasquatch People #02-SasquatchPeople

Sasquatch People

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Sasquatch People
   Our Ancient Big Brothers

Sasquatch is one of many names we call the various races of large human like figures seen on rare occasions in the forests throughout the world. To those who have made genuine connections with these beings they share a wealth of information most of us are not prepared for. The conversation quickly turns from who they are, to who we are. They pass on that humanity is at a crossroads. We cannot continue on earth with our current consciousness. It is time for us to make a giant Spiritual leap. Time  for us to Awaken.

Who are they? They are not primitive animals to be hunted or killed, nor are they a missing link. They are many races which vary in size, appearance, and color. They have an understanding and knowledge far greater than we are able to realize at this stage in our human evolution.           

A quote by Sasquach: " Humanity is not at the top of the evolutionary chain; it is not the only intelligent species on this planet or elsewhere, nor the most ancient nor the most highly evolved. We are not the Ape-People, you are the ones who could be called by this name. Communication with higher intelligence would be in your greatest interest and benefit.  " ('Sasqauch Message to Humanity'   books by Sunbow)           

The Sasquach are highly evolved Interdimensional Beings with abilities far beyond what is recognized by humans. They are immensely strong and well adapted to all environments on earth. They have very keen eyesight, are clairvoyant, and are able to see in total darkness. They are psychic, telepathic, and able to read minds. They can sense when we are near and what our intent is.    They are reaching out to those humans who are receptive and evolved enough Spiritually to connect with them. The message for humanity is urgent. It is time for us to Wake Up to who we are, and re-find our balance and harmony with all of Nature and Mother Earth. To respect all of earth and all of her many diverse Beings.     

P.S.  - They call us ... " Little Brother"

[size: 1-5/8" high]

* Each piece is strung on adjustabe length Black Cotton Cord,
  and includes a card with the message above written on it.


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