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Norse Stag - Eikthyrnir #33-NorseStag

Norse Stag - Eikthyrnir

Item #: 33-NorseStag


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Norse Stag - Eikthyrnir
Eikthryrnir is the Stag who grazes upon the mighty crown of the World Tree (Yggdrasil). From his horns liquid drips and brings forth all of the waters of this Earth. Those waters nourish the warrior and his tribe, as well as the animals, the plants, and all life on Earth. And with that water also flows the Wisdom of the World Tree
              that all life may drink from it.

[aprox. 1-5/8" high]

* Each piece is strung on adjustabe length Black Cotton Cord,
  and includes a card with the message above written on it.


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