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Griffin #50-MythicBeasts


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Griffin (Gryphon, Griffon) -Vigilant Protectors against evil. As the guardians of the path to spiritual enlightenment they teach us how to use our psychic abilities to the best ends. Griffins help us attain wisdom to overcome our shadow sides by helping us see evil within and without. They have always been with us beginning in ancient Sumeria where they were the mount of Iskur, the weather god, bringing lightning and rain to parched land. Being untamable Griffins have always been strong protectors against evil, guarding Holy Places, Treasures, and assisting Divine creatures and ourselves to see evil.

[aprox 1" wide]

* Each piece comes ready to wear
   strung on an adjustable BLACK COTTON CORD.
   A DESCRIPTION CARD is included
   with the above write up.


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