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Morel Mushrooms -4 Styles

Item #: 60-MorelMushrooms


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[Note: Image above shows your 4 Style Options. Scroll below when ordering to choose which one you like.]

enclosed card reads:

Morel Mushroom
Little is know about how morels actually hide and elude capture. Some say they listen carefully for foot steps or a broken twig. Others claim they have psychic abilities or fairy folk confuse mushroom hunters and get them turned around. The truth may forever remain a secret.

[Each  mushroom is around 1-3/8 inches tall. Style D is a little taller.]

Styles A, B, and C, were sculpted to match found morels. Style D was molded from a real Morel Mushroom - one of the early varieties first up in spring that is smaller than the rest. All have flat backs so they will lay nice and won't roll around when you wear them. (I'm hearing that popular opinion says style B tastes the best) I personally like the look of Style A the best, but they are all nice.



Scroll below to choose choose which style.

* Each piece is strung on adjustabe length Black Cotton Cord,
  and includes a card with the message above written on it.

Style A
Style B
Style C

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