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Coffee Bean Earrings #CoffeeBeanEarrings

Coffee Bean Earrings

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Coffee Beans
To whisper sweet aromas
in your ear
and carry you
through your day.

Realizing a cup of coffee,
can be a sacred thing . . .

"Coffee Meditation"

I take a moment ,
a deep breath,
and create my space.
With great focus and intent
with purposefulness and grace
 I create the perfect cup of coffee.
I take the time  to make it exactly
the most spectacularly right
with the most tastefulness
a cup can behold,
precisely the way I like it.
Because in this moment,
of creating,
and sitting . . .  and enjoying,
I honor myself.
I am deserving of this perfect sip
and all the good things
that will come my way each day.

[ Earrings strung on sterling wires,  these are molded directly from coffee beans and are actual size.]


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