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Waves of Change #WavesofChange

Waves of Change

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Wave of Change
    We Are The Ones
Waves of change are transforming the earth. We can feel it stirring deep within as we awaken and discover our inner wisdom and light. We have each chosen to be here now and carry an inner brightness to illuminate all that needs to shift. We offer our unique gifts to share with the world. Together with open hearts we stand strong in our truths. We dream in a New World that works for all of us, including the animals, plants, and mother earth. It is truly our time to Shine.
MJ-  "We Are Here to Change The World"

[This image appeared as a Crop Circle and like many relflect a time of change]

[Size: aprox. 1-1/8" across]

* Each piece is strung on adjustabe length Black Cotton Cord,
  and includes a card with the message above written on it.




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