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Yin Yang-Balance #YinYang-Balance

Yin Yang-Balance

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Yin Yang
A Taoist symbol representing finding balance and the harmony in ones life. The symbol is drawn showing light and dark areas. The balance is the line between the two forces. When we have too much of any one thing we lack it's opposite making us unbalanced. The Harmony is in the balancing of all things in our lives.
(Please note this is not an issue of Good vs Evil -as all things come from nature.)
Some examples of opposites to balance are: feminine / masculine, intuitive / rational ,passive / aggressive, logical / intuitive, moist/dry, hot/cold, rigid/flexible. This symbol reminds us to strive for this harmonious balance in our lives.

[size: aprox. 1" across]

Comes strung on Black Cotton Cord - adjustable length.
Ships by First Class Mail
Poured by hand in America, solid Britannia, an ancient lead free pewter.


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