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A 2022 Whimsical WeeFolk Build

The name sums it up. A free form building
of stairs and balconies. Lots of interesting features.

The entryway is front bottom corner. Six floors high with a top open deck, making seven.

Obviously the Weefolk don't have a problem with weak knees or heights.

And here are a few highlights....

Fifth floor house area, outside balcony and seating area.

Sixth Floor House has a pretty nice and broad balcony with curved ends.

We recently added a 3/4 Round - Turret style balcony.

The upper rear landing has been fancied up lately. Will be needing a couch soon.

The trick to building such a Whimsical Creation is how to not let it fall into too much chaos.

There needs to be a certain repetition of patterns carried through the chaos.
Details repeating just enough to tie it together but not enough to become formal.

It still has to make no sense to live up to it's namesake of Whimsey.


This structure has gone through many tweaks additions and changes
throughout the year. Primarily because of massive earthquakes
which has toppled it down many times.
Just one of the more common parts of life for the Weefolk
who's village travels in a camper.


The underlying thing of WeeFolk life
is one of fully understanding


That nothing in life lasts forever - including life.
They bond together in Joy and Celebrate the time they have.