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Lego Castle

My Christmas Project 2011-Feb 2012

The castle has been dismantled while I was in Maine Summer 2012 to make way for new energies and the next castle in years to come. Like a Tibetan Sand Painting - Lego's are a lesson in impermenance.

It almost reaches the ceiling. Maybe 7 feet tall. It's just over 200 rows of lego's. No idea how many blocks, Bunches !  Why? Because I can't do Pewter all the time. And as Arlo says. "You can't always do what you're supposed to." So with no delay here's a few favorite photo's....

Lego Castle and Me Full Castle Front

Overview with Me and Front.

Left Side  Back of Castle  Garden Side

 Overview walking clockwise: Left Side, Back, Garden Side.

Ground View Left Side Looking Up - Left Face.

Garden Deck Garden Bracing

Garden Deck, and detail of Garden Deck Bracing.

Garden Tower front Garden Tower Side Alley

Garden Tower: Front, Side, and Alley.

Front Overlook Upper Balconies

Front Detail: Lower Overlook, and Upper Balconies.

Front Upper Front of Castle Upper Levels.

Front MiddleFront of Castle Middle Levels.

Great Hall

The Great Hall up on the Roof. Where People, Birds, and the Dragons that all built the castle can meet.

Grand Tower Ground View Grand Tpwer Upper Part Grand Tower middle part Grand Tower Top

 Grand Tower: The real reason to build so tall is for the Wind Generator. Better wind currents way up there.

And for the Finale:

It just wouldn't be complete without a serious of Dragon View Images. Since they carried every single  block up to those incredible heights. Lego people and Dragons working in Harmony, Love and Peace.

(note if you're fraid of heights just stop here !)

Dragons View Front Top

more Front Images

Roof Top

Roof View

Looking Way Down

I'm not sure who that giant's foot to the left belong to? Don't remember that in Lego's.

Till hopefully next Christmas. See ya. ...and of course... " Lego's Rule! "

That's All Folks

   Oh! That must be the Giant.