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Lego Palace 2019

Things to do in Winter when I need a break from pewter.

Or as I like to say .... making art that you don't sell. Just for fun.


The First task of building a Palace is finding a place one can build.

So in December 21st, Winter Solstice 2018, we set sail looking for the perfect place.

                          Here we are sailing out of harbor.

When we reached deep water it wasn't long before we ran into a Sea Monster.

Actually a Blue Dragon it seems. They are often friendly so we told him all about our plan to build a Palace. He said it sounded fun and he would love to join in. He asked if there would be room for him in the palace? We said if he helped we might even save him one of the best highest places knowing how much dragons love to fly. He was delighted and said he even knew of a good place to build. So we set sail and followed his lead.


It wasn't long when we spied the land. The dragon said this was it.

It seemed like the perfect place.


So we contacted all the Lego people we would need and got the supplies ordered.

It takes a lot of people and materials to build a palace. But soon everything was in place.

Here's just some of the many stacks of blocks needed.

Here's some workers taking a break after stacking blocks.

Before you build anything

you have to bring everyone together to focus,  Honor the land and the ancestors,

and do a proper ground breaking.

Everyone came to watch and join in the ceremony.

And finally the Palace begins.

The Lighthouse was one of the first things built.

It was important to keep ships safe when they came with supplies.


The lighthouse ended up being so tall a giant eagle came to see. He often sits up there and enjoys the view.

Nest the front of the palace was Decorated with gold tridents to honor the sea. And gold trim decorated the balconies.

The Green Dragons showed up and said they would love to help with the heavy lifting.

They do this kind of thing all the time. They can do it in their sleep. Not to say they would be sleeping on the job. You know what they meant.  

A long balcony was made to walk out over the sea.

It would be a favorite spot to watch the sunrises and go diving into the sea.

The palace was going up quickly. Soon they were up to the fourth floor and raising the difficult truss and beams that would hold up the fifth floor balconies and bridges.

Here one of the green dragons checks the arches for strength.

Sometimes the workers and dragons would get up before dawn to get started.

Here they are flying in one of the large decks for the bridges. 

Soon the fourth floor was nearly done and moving on to the fifth.

As the palace was going up some kept saying they saw large fur covered people in the forest nearby.

Some eye witnesses got some photo's

but it was hard to tell if was the famous Bigfoot or not. They move so quickly it was all blurry.

The local news station was finally called in.

The eye witnesses describe what they thought was a Sasquache. Very large and furry. And they claim they even saw a white one too. A Yeti.

But after investigating the scene

the News and experts could find nothing conclusive to prove they exist.

So everyone went back to building.

Here are workers and dragons bringing the floor joists for the fifth floor. The dragons were great help with the heavy lifting and helped the job go fast.

The fifth floor was designed so people and animals could walk, jog, or skateboard the entire way around the palace. The deck was one continuous pathway with a great view.

Way up on the Seventh Floor they decided would be the perfect place for an outside garden room.

It would have giant flowing arches to add beauty and keep the sun from getting too hot.

It didn't take long before the plants were in and loving the space.

Here the front tower just keeps getting taller. It will have a super view here on the seventh floor. But it will keep getting much taller. It's not done yet.

Here is the front of the palace as they start on the eigth floor.

Hey wait. Who are those two furry guys way up on the center top?

Today they decided the Lighthouse was so tall it would really help the lighthouse keeper if he could simply walk right over from the palace. So on the sixth floor a balcony and bridge was added in. And the Lighthouse got a door and couple more windows.

Here is a dragons eye view looking at the top of the seventh floor as the eighth begins.

And then

in the middle of the night

the dragons got a hair brain (do they have hair?)

and decided they needed a roost up on the roof top. So they started building.

They seemed overjoyed.

Soon they had it complete.

The only problem was that wasn't the top of the palace.

They had built it on the top of the seventh floor. There was lots more to go.

They said "No Biggie". They would just lift it off and keep putting it back on every night and day. That way they could have a place to nap when the needed it. Dragons see things differently.

The eighth floor took on a sort of Arabic look on top of the more French looking seventh.

At the top of the tenth floor the front tower suddenly got much wider. A difficult build.

Here's the dragon's eye view.

The dragons insisted it would be needed for what was planned on the famous 11th floor.

Everyone asked them what would make the 11th floor famous.

They said well it wouldn't really be famous to earth bound people.

So now even more confused everyone just kept watching. Soon it was a large flat deck. The dragons were very excited about their Sky Deck as they called it. 

It wasn't long before we all started seeing funny lights in the sky.

And soon we realized what a Sky Deck was.

A place for saucers to land. Way up on the 11th floor? Why not. Closer to the stars.

Soon they were coming and going all the time.

We're all still curious about some of these pilots. We've heard rumors but just weren't sure.

Well things seemed to be moving along quickly. The ninth floor was soon on.

Then the whole project hit a snag. A big one! The dragons in their hurry to have their far away friends visit hadn't planned the proper height on their Sky Deck.

A major design flaw happened. The floors didn't match up at all.

The dragons said, "No Biggie".

You see....

Dragons live for a very long time. They have seen everything before. Nothing really ever bothers them. Because in their view life is like a Lego Palace. Nothing is permanent. Things are always changing.

They said they would simply wollop off the two towers

and the workers could add in more height while they hovered with the removed parts ????

And the dragons were right. Soon it was all adjusted.

They lifted the two towers, and more was built. And when the two towers were placed down the dragons decided the castle was almost tall enough. They would permanently mount thier Dragon Sky Deck, where they lived. A great place with a nice view.

Soon a great hall was built behind the Sky People Sky Deck, as it became known. So those visiting from far off places would be greeted in style.

The hall would be known as the Welcome Hall.

A place where far away guests who have been cramped up in their ships for half the galaxy could stretch their legs and enjoy the view.

It had great balconies overlooking the side and rear of the castle.

Soon the palace was looking like it was reaching final height.

Here's the rear view.

But the workers decided for a "Palace" it just needed more towers.

It didn't look right. So late one night they dillegently added another.

Most were a little concerned about the walkway spanning out to it.

It just seemed more than a little spooky! Who thought that up?

But apparently Lego people have absolutely no fear of heights. It's just who they are.


Then suddenly the green dragons started on the unfinished blue tower.

They said we can't forget about this guy.

He is supposed to have a very special place.

And what better place of course for a Blue Dragon than the highest place on the palace. The tip top of the Blue Tower. It would take a rather large platform to hold him way up there. The engineering seemed extreme. The green dragons in their usual form said "No Biggie".


It took a few design changes and some figuring

but soon they had it finished. It seemed to about on the 17th floor.

All we could figure for sure was it was 160 Rows high. Maybe 200 Lego feet high.

And the Blue Dragon seemed to enjoy it.

He called it the "Dragon Moon Deck" because it was nearly as high as the moon he thought.

Or at least close enough he could easily fly there.


And so the palace is mostly done.

Here's the rear view.

Pay no attention to that giant hiding behind it. Giants don't exist. Can't be proven. About as provable as these two.

So on to the front view.

The last part to be built will be the yellow area between the main palace and the lighthouse.

Some in the community seem to have plans for that area.

But those are just rumors so far.

So we'll hang out with these guys and see what developes.

 And a few days later the Donut Shop arrived and was a big hit with everyone.

A place they come to enjoy the sunrise on the ocean.

Somehow in the middle of the night some of the construction guys decided
they needed a Club House. It sounded fun and awesome.
Being "Construction guys" they like a challenge.
So they floated it 20 some feet out in space
off the tenth floor. What??????

They said it passed the "15 Secone Rule", so all was fine.
Anything that doesn't fall off in the first 15 seconds is structurally sound enough.


So next they challenged themselves to float a ships bow 28 feet
off the seaward side of the yellow building. Yea Why Not.

Those two couldn't wait to recreate the famous scene from the Titanic movie.

Somehow they pulled it off. It's quite stable.

It's almost done.

But before the final images......



We pause for a brief Intermission while you hit the rest room and refill your glass.

To fill the moment we'll have a Mermaid play some Organ music.


OK now back to the build....

No Wait! First we have to get the Dragon to return the GoPro camera.

Nice View though while he borrowed it. Here's looking from Dragon deck up the blue tower.

So now back to see what's next.


...... to be continued .....